Robert Louis Chianese, Ph.D. Emeritus Prof. English, Cal State U. Northridge                  
1979 Mitchell Laureate in Sustainability, Fulbright Senior Specialist               
President, Amer. Assoc. Advancement of Science--Pacific Div. 2011-2012   

SPRING THAW " Mixed Media 2009 - Art Inspired by Science" Group Showon the campus of Southern Oregon University Galleries and the Schneider Museum of Art   June 12 - September 6, 2010

"...there is a clear trend to non-exclusive reflections on the earth-bound and cosmic mysteries of the actual, the visible and the invisible, and the theoretical.  It is as if the world of science supplies what the imagination of the artist had to dream up before.  For many of these artists, it is not my awe but rather our awe at the world that science opens up to us.  "How I see it" seems less important than how we all need to see and respond to it, sensuously and reverently.  The artist serves as an impersonal guide to the miraculous.  And while miracles here swell mainly in the house of the actual, they still can evoke a spiritualized wonder, even at atmospheric effects, weather, ice thaw, the squiggles of a water flea, or the re-growth of a forest, and the ordinary becomes extraordinary."

Excerpt From: Robert Chianese, "Art Inspired by Science-epub." iBooks.

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